Leaders in the Venezuelan oil industry, we are committed to the sustainability and social responsibility in our projects.


Venmaca was established in 1981 in Maracaibo, Venezuela, with the goal to lead the manufacturing, repairing and supplying market for oil wells, pipelines and other rotating equipment. We develop multidisciplinary projects for the oil, petrochemical, gas and electric industry.


To lead the oil, petrochemical, gas, energy and construction industries at a national and international level, being recognized for providing the highest quality products and services. Besides standing out for being an innovative company, we ensure the sustainability and profitability of the business by guaranteeing a good work environment, satisfying the interests of our clients, investing in the growth of our human resources, committing to safety procedures and strengthening our communities.


To provide services and solutions in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Market of the Oil, Petrochemical, Gas, Energy and Construction industries on a national and international level, executing our processes with effectiveness and the highest quality, complying with all the legal and regulatory standards required in the area of competence, in order to meet the expectations and needs of our customers, shareholders and employees. We are responsible for the security and well-being of the communities and environments that surround us.

Quality politics

We are committed to provide services and solutions in the areas of Engineering, Procurement and Construction on a national and international level, performing our processes according to quality standards that meet the requirements and expectations of clients and shareholders.

We work responsibly with the support of a competent Human Capital, complying with the safest procedures, as well as the legal and regulatory standards of each area, in correlation with the Strategic Objectives of the company.

We promote and encourage the continuous improvement of our procedures through periodic reviews in an internal and external context.


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