We are an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company that provides integral solutions to the oil industry, focusing on the manufacturing of parts and machinery for the general industry, as well as services related to the construction and maintenance of structures.

Construction and maintenance of tanks

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Storage Tanks for hydrocarbons and other products.
  • Design, manufacture, procurement and construction of hydrocarbon storage tanks
  • Supplying and Installation of Geodetic Aluminum Domes, floating steel and aluminum roofs with seals.
  • Supplying and Installation of pipes and valves.
  • Maintenance and repair of systems against fires.
  • Tanks, reactors and drums.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Furnaces, boilers and burners.
  • Fractionation towers.

Construction and maintenance of docks

  • Manufacture, installation and maintenance of all types of docks.
  • Anticorrosive protection for piles and accessories.
  • Repair, reconstruction and recovery of docks and all types of structures for lake services.

Construction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines

  • Laying of pipes of any diameter for the oil and gas industries.
  • Repair and maintenance of pipes, manufacture of shells, joints, application of paints and anticorrosive systems to both pipes and accessories.
  • Inspection, reconditioning, repairing and mechanical maintenance of pipelines in general.
  • Flow, distribution and collection lines.

Architecture and civil construction

  • Construction of all types of civil buildings, offices, warehouses, water treatment plants, aqueducts and power lines.


  • Construction and repair of highways, streets and roads in asphalt, cement or concrete
  • Leveling, patching, ditches and road suitability

Electrical distribution and substations

  • Construction and assembly of high and low voltage power lines, towers, transformers, electric generators, conductor cables, electrical transformers (distribution and power) dry and in oil.
  • Capacitors and trainers bench, poles, industrial and road lighting.


  • Preparation of geotechnical works and environmental protection systems.
  • Assembly, operation and maintenance of systems against fire and perimeter grounding.
  • Reconditioning, repair and maintenance of oil wells.
  • Operation of oil fields and supply of equipment, materials and tools.
  • Mechanical assemblies on land and coast.

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